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Jane Monroe, MBA

CEO & Founder

A US Air Force Veteran of 4 years, Jane Monroe is an MBA graduate from UCF and worked at Siemens Power Generation, where she has six years of experience in business management.  She serves as the Chief Executive Officer for CLARKE & CONCORDIA.


Our Story

Two years before Clarke and Concordia was formed Jane Monroe, founded the North Augusta Student Engineering Team in 2014.  Their program is currently made up of 70 students grades 9th through 12th. Ms. Monroe is a US Air Force Veteran of 4 years, an MBA graduate from the University of Central Florida and worked for Siemens Power Generation (2000 Alafaya Trail, Orlando FL, 32826) a division of the Siemens AG (German pronunciation: [ˈziːmɛns]) a German company headquartered in Berlin and Munich, the largest engineering company in Europe. She worked for Power Generation for over fourteen years of experience, including six years in management. She has international business experience leading change between Westinghouse and Siemens.

Ms. Monroe was inspired to start a program based on her career background in STEM.  She was able to leverage her business experience to market the program to students and the community creating three teams’ year 1, reaching 35 students 9th through 12th grade.  This was done through attracting three major corporate sponsors willing to provide both volunteer engineers as well as financial resources to buy; tools, robotics parts, computers, programs, etc. for teams to build competitive robots.  Year two Ms. Monroe’s program expanded to four teams, 15 engineers, building four robots and more than enough financial resources to cover year three’s operation. The success and start-up difficulty of Ms. Monroe’s program was the inspiration for Clarke and Concordia.

The dynamic interest and success of her program year one.  Ms. Monroe started with very little funding and a dream, letting her know that there is a need for this business model driving corporations and community members to provide support that could be duplicated by other schools. She also had the opportunity to observe the dynamics of watching the partnership develop between students and experienced engineering professionals on a weekly basis, witnessing the hands-on experience.  Her students were trained in; project management, designing, building, welding, and wiring a final product.  Ms. Monroe watched her students learn how to using hand and power tools and how to work as a team. Last but not least she herself was a mentor training students about all business aspects like budgeting, cost tracking and Marketing.

The idea for Clarke and Concordia was also developed to make it easier for schools to implement.  Ms. Monroe knew by having the direct experience that that reaching out to corporations for both financial and human resources to work with students was a job in itself and if she could create an organization that worked to pool these resources into a central clearinghouse that it would reduce the amount of time and effort taking this task away from a new school Student Engineering Team coaches.